That Time I Got ENGAGED!

So I know the title of this post COMPLETELY gives it away, and I also know that you have all anxiously been waiting for my BlogFest recap… however I’ve been a little bit busy getting used to the fact that I’m engaged!

I thought that my fiance (!!!!) was camping this past weekend, but instead he was gearing up to propose to me as I arrived home from California. Thanks to his best friend in Vancouver, we also have pictures of the amazing event.

I had resigned myself to an evening of take out sushi and netflix (okay I was kind of looking forward to it) and I was talking on the phone to my Mom while waiting for my luggage. I had an inkling he was going to propose NEXT weekend, so I’m really glad he switched it up.


I’m also really glad we had someone to capture it. I’m sliding the ring on in this picture – the band had to be resized so I don’t get it back until Monday, but it really is the ring of my dreams! He had it made, and I owe great thanks to our neighbour, a gemologist, and to our friend who took these pictures.


My fiance said some amazing things about us living in Vancouver, how proud he is of me, and how I’m his best friend. After six years, I’m so excited — and he did manage to surprise me!  Of course I called my Mom back right away, literally twenty seconds after and its one of my favourite pictures!


I think airports are super romantic, I always have. But I also know that I will never have another airport greeting quite like the one I had on Sunday! We told all our closest friends and family over Monday and Tuesday and last night we finally decided to announce it to everyone – and I’m so excited I get to share the news with you!



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Every BODY is Different

I returned from Anaheim’s IdeaWorld and Blogfest conference yesterday and landed in Vancouver! While I’m happy to be back (nothing like your own bed, huh), I’m also really excited with everything I’ve learned, seen and done since last Wednesday!

I had the most amazing time at Blogfest and meeting women and men that I usually only get to ‘see’ on the internet! We did yoga with Tara Stiles, heard from Jillian Michaels and amazing inspirational speakers like Augie Nieto and his wife, as well as swimmer Diana Nyad!


I’ll do a recap of the whole experience soon, as well as my day at Disney, but first I want to talk about the number one lesson I learned while I was at Blogfest and Idea World.

Every BODY is different. Every BODY is achieved through a different training method, and Every BODY is beautiful.

There were men and women at this conference of all shapes and sizes. All of them fit in their own way. Some of them super fit! All ages, all body types. All of them achieving their goals through their own methods, using whatever DRIVES them and makes them PASSIONATE! It was inspirational to be among them, to be considered their peer, and to feel confident in knowing that WHATEVER way you choose to be fit, you can achieve that goal and feel awesome.




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Summer is for Reading


Summer is for reading. I don’t think anybody can dispute that with me. There are window ledges, beaches, rainy day chair swings, beds, lakeside patios, and hammocks begging to be Read More

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