Life Lesson #1: Change = Opportunity

As humans, we are programmed to love routine. Routine equals safety, or it did in the days of the neanderthals (side note: it’s pronounced knee-ander-talls… that’s what having an archaeologist for a fiance will teach you). Change is uncomfortable, there is something about stepping outside the proverbial box that terrifies us all to a certain degree.

And yet, its inevitable. There is absolutely no way we can have nothing change on us, ever. Sure, we can avoid it by staying inside, drawing the blinds, and eating the same food day after day. Is that really a way to live life?

Recently, I’ve been facing change head on. I’m in that stage of my life where things are starting to change. It’s becoming a life lesson. It’s becoming unavoidable. What do I do when things are unavoidable? I write about them. Welcome to LTER’s newest series – Life Lessons.

Life Lessons


Change = Opportunity

Sure change is scary, but its also a sign of great opportunity. Being shaken up can be a good thing. Meeting new people can be a way to grow your tribe. Doing a new job can lead to new lessons about whether or not you are on the right path.

Life is not all about knowing exactly what is going to come tomorrow. As cliche as it may be, seizing the opportunity can be what makes changing something worth it. It’s worth it to be bold and take risks sometimes. Within reason, of course.

I’m facing great change in my life. I graduate in May, and I will start looking for a job in my field. It’s scary, but it is also exciting. I encourage you to make space for any change, welcome it into your life, and embrace it. After all, life would be nothing without the journey.

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A Balanced Body

2015 has started off slower than I expected, but I’ve embraced my goal of balance and tried to really even things out around here. I’m also trying this new trick of following my intuition and really just tuning in to my authentic self. Making life choices is getting a little longer, but also a lot more personal. I spend less time bouncing ideas off of others, and more time chatting internally. What is it I really want – what am I trying to tell myself? We learn a lot about “noise” in marketing – there is a lot of it in our world, and I’m trying to tune it out and spend more time getting to know me.

I find myself pretty often standing at the crossroad of questions like “Do I work out, or do I nap because I’m tired? Do I spend money because it will make me happy or do I save because its (desperately) what I need right now? Popcorn or no popcorn? Chips or no chips? Do I run or do I not run? Do I love my body for the way it is or do I continue to try to improve things?”

What I have realized is that there is no real good answer to any of these questions – every time you ask them is different. That’s the key to the whole balance thing. You can’t have it all, but you can make a balance work. I love my body, and I love who I am, but there is no denying that things need to be changed around here in order for me to feel healthier again. A major lesson I had today is that wanting to be healthier does not mean you don’t love who you are right now.

I’ve made some non-scale goals for this year that I think are important to share with you, and today I went for a 30 minute run/walk, and got just over 3km. It’s not far and its slow and it can feel disappointing but when I start to feel disappointed I ask myself one simple question. Did I do all I could to feel healthy today?

The answer is yes, and I want that answer to be yes every day. Here is my list of non-scale victories I hope to see by the end of 2015.

Balanced Body Plan 2015

1. Finish Insanity Max 30 (all sixty days of it)
2. Tackle the BMO 8km in May
3. Do the Sun Run with my staff in April
4. Run my first half (Seawheeze!) in August
5. Do the Muderella with my Tone it Up sisters in September
6. Play Ultimate Frisbee in the summer
7. Spend a week without added sugar
8. Stick to a normal body fat range
9. Fit back into my favourite teal dress again
10. Hike the Chief successfully

If at the end of 2015 I can cross all these things off my list, I will be one happy, healthy camper – regardless of the number that appears on the scale.

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