Travels with Mark: Meet Mark

I mentioned last week on Instagram that our friend Mark has been staying with us for a few days. He’s been friends with my fiance since high school, and me for the past seven years.

Mark is a perpetual traveler, ever since he was younger he has been travelling — living in different places, doing different jobs, and experiencing the world one country at a time.

At 27, he has lived in or visited over 25 countries, and since (given my allergies) they are countries I may never get to, I thought I would ramp up the travel section of the site by featuring some stories from Mark once a month. So, today, I’m here to introduce you to Mark!


Mark is living the Live, Travel, Eat and Run philosophy. He lives life to the fullest, follows his passions to all corners of the world. He loves to eat, and to cook, and he even has his own running stories.

On Living:

Follow your dreams. Whatever you want to do, is doable. The hardest part is walking out the door – but once you do – the momentum picks up. Things get bigger and bigger and better and better as you go.

“Five years ago, I never would have considered riding my bike down the West Coast of North America and then sailing from California to Australia – but then I started backpacking, and sleeping in trees, and staying in guest houses, and meeting incredible people – and it materialized from there.”

Mark has done things that the majority of people will never do.


On Traveling:

Travel is all about exploring and curiosity for Mark. He was interested in all the different ways people live their lives, the different foods of the world, the different landscapes. He just wanted to see, feel, and taste the world around him. So when he was 15, he got a taste of the world by traveling to the Dominican Republic. In 2007, he went to Singapore for the year. A love for travel was born.

On Eating:

Food is a universal language to Mark. You can sit at a table with somebody, not speak the same language, and bond over the taste and presentation of food. “Eating food and bringing food back to share with people, its a shared experience. I can climb a mountain and tell you about it, but we won’t share it. But if I cook you something I ate in India or Nepal, its shared. You can understand what I ate, what I smelled, what I taste. You can fully experience and appreciate what I did.”

The weirdest food he has tried is curried goat brain, and according to Mark, it didn’t taste like chicken. Unlike me, he isn’t plagued by allergies, so he never turns down an opportunity to try a new food (even if he knows it will make him sick).

On Running (and sports):

Mark is a dive master, a rock climber, a mountaineer, kayaker and he boulders. He has sailed from San Diego, California to Mackay, Australia. He also snowboards, skis, and is willing to try just about anything. The proof is in the pudding, as you can see with his running story.

Mark ran a marathon in Nagano, Japan. It was his very first race of any kind, ever. His Dad flew over, because when Mark was little he had promised his Dad they would run a marathon together. Mark ended up spending a year in Japan and decided it was as good a time as any to train. He finished the race in 3:32:00. So he has some experience with running.



Hopefully you’re looking forward to hearing from Mark as much as I am! Feel free to email livetraveleatandrun (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions that you have for Mark or topics you would like him to elaborate on, with Travels with Mark in the subject line!


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Quick At Home Study Break Workout

It’s midterm and flu season, and I don’t know about you but my workouts are suffering. Whether you are busy studying or busy working, or just plain busy with life – this five minute study break body weight workout is just for you.

Sample image

Warm Up: High knees for 30 seconds, jumping jacks for 30 seconds

Work Out: 3 cycles of
– 25 squats
– 15 burpees
– 20 tricep pushups (on your knees if you need to)
– 20 lunges
– 30-60 second plank

Bonus: Wall sit as long as you can

Stretch: However you see fit, just don’t skip it!

Studying for long hours? Take a break every 30 – 45 minutes and do this workout. I guarantee you that you will feel it tomorrow.

Best of luck to you all with your busy, busy lives (and remember, I’m not a personal trainer — this is what I do in my break!)

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