Manitoba Harvest #HempProteinSmoothie {Recipe}

Hi guys! I’m so excited today to bring you Manitoba Harvest’s new line of vegan hemp protein powder! I am being compensated for my review of their product through my ambassadorship with FitApproach and #sweatpink — but as always, all opinions are my own. 

manitoba harvest new hemp protein smoothie flavours

I love Manitoba Harvest and use their hemp hearts in my oatmeal and smoothies daily. These new hemp protein smoothies have HempPro 70 protein powder, organic harvest greens blend and other ingredients of quality! Not only do you get 15g of plant-based protein but also a serving of greens because each bag also has organic spinach, kale, and broccoli!

The three flavours are mixed berry, vanilla chai, and chocolate. You may have seen me loving on these products – and vanilla chai especially – on my Instagram. But my favourite out of the three has to be chocolate – especially in a PB smoothie.

peanut butter protein ingredients smoothie

image2I added chocolate hemp protein, a banana, almond milk (unsweetened vanilla is my fav), some ice for consistency, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a little bit of cocoa powder on top. It was delicious, and above all, had all my veggies in it. The second time I made it I added a little bit of honey — it was like a banana/chocolate/honey sandwich without any of the bread and WITH added spinach/kale/broccoli!



So you can try your own PB Hemp Heart smoothie, I’ve got a 15% off Hemp Protein Smoothie Promo Code for you: hempsmoothielaunch16 — it’s good until April 30, 2016. Go get your own here!

Additionally you can post pictures on social media using the #hempproteinsmoothie and tag @manitobaharvest to win a case of your favourite flavor of Hemp Protein smoothie! May I recommend the chocolate?

I’m always glad to find a healthy product full of real ingredients I can actually pronounce to make its way into my lineup. I hope you give it a try!  I want to hear all about the recipes you come up with (and especially if you try mine).

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I hate the rain – Modo 8k Recap

Helloooo friends! Last Sunday I ran my first race of the year, the Modo 8k! The first of three Canada Running Series West races this year — and new in 2016, if you complete all three you get a fancy medal! I unfortunately will not be able to race all three this year, but I have my eye on the trifecta for next year.

What’s cool about the Modo 8k is that it is a race that isn’t very crowded, that starts at 10am in the morning (aces), and is a race that my coworkers tend to run together every year, which makes it that much better! I didn’t work there last year, but when our office signed up this year I decided to join. It’s been great motivation to get back in running shape. A big thank you to our bosses who cover the costs for everyone!

It is no secret that I hate the rain. It is also no secret that I hate running in the rain. I know, I ask myself also why I live in Vancouver – arguably the rainiest city in my country. I was hoping it wouldn’t rain on race day but alas, alack. So, when my girlfriend and I got there early, we decided (like adults) to hide in the kids playground while we waited. Cue my miserable rain face and her unending optimism.

Waiting in the rain for Modo 8k Vancouver

Don’t I look like I’m the most excited human ever… not. Why are all my 8ks in the rain?

My plan for this 8k was 90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking. I’ve recently started training with a coach, Abby from Back At Square Zero, which has made ALL the difference. Taking the guess work out of when and how to run? Yes please! I had been training at this pace (because I started from basically never running at all after taking time off) and was confident I could maintain it for most, if not all, of the race.

However, I ended up running with my boss – who said he was going to walk the whole thing but ended up joining me! I really wanted him to be able to shave a good amount of time off his race from last year, so we ended up sticking together. This turned into 90 seconds running and 180 seconds walking around 4km, but I wasn’t going to abandon him! We finished in 1:15:07 – which is what I expected but disappointing since it was 11 minutes slower than my last 8km. BUT.. it was 22 minutes FASTER for him! Sometimes you have to give up your pace to run with a buddy. I had a great time chatting with him too!

The course was well marked, the volunteers were cheerful (if wet), and it wasn’t crowded because it was raining (irony). Plus, they had cookies. All in all, I look forward to running this race again!

We have 20 people at our office and half ran the race. Our fastest runners are super fast, they finished in 37 and 38 minutes. Then the majority was between 50 minutes and 1:01, with us bringing up the rear! All in all, it was a pretty excellent time.

Team Run Vancouver BC

And obviously, I run almost solely for the hardware. While some of my coworkers run for the food at the end (there were these AMAZING cookies), I run for the medal. I now have another one to proudly add to my collection! My next race is a 10k on April 17th (one of the largest in the world, so generally not one to break records on as its PACKED), and then my first (eep!) half marathon is on June 26th!

I may also sneak in another 8k on May 1st, but we’ll see. I think its fair to say I’ve been bit by the run bug again! I love the 5k and 8k lengths, and I may just try to stay in shape to run those… but I promised myself I’d run a half marathon before the wedding so I’m gonna slay it with the help of Abby and support from my girl squad.

The hardware makes it all worth it (photo courtesy of our intern Mike) – I just like having medals, I think!

Modo 8k Vancouver Medal

Do you hate running in the rain? I hate running in the rain. Tell me about your recent runs… in the rain or not. What are your race plans?



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