Shape Up Sunday: Staring at the Clouds

School starts in two days, and I’m borderline freaking out! I worked the last two nights, today the fiance and I are heading to the Pacific National Exhibition (which I’m actually really looking forward to, its a summer tradition) and then I head to school early Tuesday morning.

So let’s recap last week’s fitness. Basically, I did nothing. Actually, I definitely did nothing. Two thursdays ago I went to the ER thinking I had appendicitis, but my gut is unhappy with carbs and sugar. I cut those out and my stomach started feeling better, and then I got bronchitis last Saturday. So the doctor’s orders were to rest and not do anything until I stopped coughing. If you pay attention to my instagram, you would know I’ve literally been staring at the clouds (and my ring) for the last week.

photo 1

photo 2

So here is last week’s workout recap!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: nothing but rest
Thursday: PiYo Sweat
Friday, Saturday: nothing

So it was pretty far away from my goal to workout four times in a week, but at least I ate well (I’ve cut out refined sugar and gluten, added probiotics, and stuck to my shakeology for a meal and my gut is much happier). Fingers crossed this week is better.

One cool thing I did get to do was use my new Armour39 heart rate monitor from Under Armour. I received it for free at Blogfest and used it on Thursday’s workout. The results are really cool. You can get a watch that will show you what is happening while you are working out, but I prefer to start the iPhone app and then walk away. It tells you lots of cool things. Apparently my workout on Thurs was only at 36% intensity, but I hadn’t calibrated it or done my assessment yet, I was only trying it out. I found it really cool, and not a pain at all to wear.


What do you do when you’re sick? Does not working out make you restless? Do you make sure to rest if its ordered?

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Friday Five: What’s Happening This Fall!

Friday Five is hosted by Mar, Cynthia and Courtney and this weeks theme is Fall Preview! It’s almost September. I love Fridays, but this Friday is especially important because its the last one before I head back to school. So what am I going to be up to this fall?

1// Back to School

I will be back at school for my sixth year of post-secondary and my second year of this degree! I’m really excited to be back, although in a couple of weeks I will tell you that I am drowning in my textbooks and wish it was still summer. If you read my tips on back to school budgeting you know that school can be overwhelming, so I hope I manage to clean up my desk this weekend to make it a little less so!

2// Fall Baking and Cooking

I want to explore more with fall flavours this year! Squash, soups, stews, pumpkin everything. I’m working on becoming a better chef, and I’m hoping to find some new flavours and recipes that my fiance and I can enjoy.

3// Pumpkin Picking

I love pumpkin, and I’m hoping to do more baking and cooking with it this year. Last year, my fiance and I went to the pumpkin patch in Richmond and picked our own pumpkins. It was awesome, and one of my best memories from last fall. I cannot wait to do it again.


4// Wedding Planning

It’s probably obvious, but since my engagement was this summer I’m going to be looking into wedding planning. Probably just small things, because we don’t plan on marriage until 2016 for a variety of  reasons.  I will be looking into photographers in Vancouver for engagement sessions and then also into venues and photographers in both Toronto and Vancouver for wherever we choose to get married!

5// Focusing on my health

I’ve been sick and injured WAY too much for my liking the past year. With the stress of working and going to school, I want to make sure that I am focused on me and my health. Maybe I take a hit in grades a little, but if it means I can get to the gym, get eight hours of sleep, and stick to a healthy eating routine, I’m in.

So, what are you up to this fall? Tell me all about what’s coming for you! 

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Every BODY is Different


I returned from Anaheim’s IdeaWorld and Blogfest conference yesterday and landed in Vancouver! While I’m happy to be back (nothing like your own bed, huh), I’m also really excited with Read More

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