A Busy Life and Premier Protein {Recipe}

This post is sponsored by Premier Protein. I was provided product for my opinion and consideration through my partnership with Fitfluential. All opinions, as per usual, are my own. Want more information? See my policies above. 

In case you’ve missed my recent resurgence into the fitness arena, here are a few of my recent instagram selfies for your enjoyment. I realized that getting up at 5am would never be a thing that I would ever do, so I’ve taken to working out after I get home from work. Sometimes this is 5:30pm, sometimes this is 6pm. My bedtime is between 9:30 and 10pm, which doesn’t leave me much in the way of relaxation time.


Regardless of what time I start working out I’m always hungry after. AND TIRED. Working 9 hours, commuting for one and a half, and then working out leaves me wanting to do nothing that is related to making a snack, or dinner.

I am like a sloth. And while I love sloths as much as the next girl (except Kristen Bell, NOBODY loves sloths as much as Kristen Bell), I do not want to be one.

But getting dinner together, and cooking it, or even making a smoothie, seems like such effort. This is where Premier Protein comes in. With 30g of protein these little guys come in like a superhero and boost my energy, curbs my hanger so I can prepare some veggies to munch on, and helps with muscle repair so I’m ready to go at it again tomorrow.


AND, when I do have that energy, I can make smoothies with them too. The vanilla flavor is in Canadian Costco stores from now until March 28, 2016. So go and pick them up and make these delicious blueberry muffin smoothie for a post workout snack. We’re all about balance right? And balance includes amazing post workout smoothies and snacks from Premier Protein.

Blueberry Muffin Smoothie

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Missing My Authentic Self

I spend most of my day, everyday, teaching people about bringing authenticity to their brands. We talk at length about what makes them unique, and how their brand does (or does not) reflect that. What to change. What to make different.

How when you run your business with authenticity that reflects both who you are and the values that you espouse, magical things can happen.

Authenticity = Brand Magic

“But Amalia,” you say, “it can’t be that simple!”

It is that simple. The problem is, discovering what makes you different and actually bringing it to your consumers and customers and blog readers with confidence IS difficult.

And as I wrapped up a call today I realized that I don’t really have that authenticity in my own business. In my own blog. In my own consulting and freelancing #sidehustle.

When I started this blog I was working out every day. I was running like crazy. I did have dreams of travel and, well, I still like to eat.

But since then I’ve become a female entrepreneur. I’ve become obsessed with balance and living my life so that everything I love gets a piece of me, and I get the biggest piece of myself. I emphasize self-care and authenticity and networking and work daily with Google products and online advertising.

I am a whiz at developing and executing digital marketing campaigns online.

But this website doesn’t reflect that anymore.

Yes, I still work out (and I love my workout products), and I still believe fitness is an essential part of a balanced women’s life. Yes, I still want to travel, but I won’t for a while because financial stability has become a priority (and I’m planning a wedding). I occasionally run (but lets admit the idea of it makes me want to cry and I much prefer a good strength or HIIT workout).

So – bottom line? I’m preaching authenticity but not practicing it. And that’s gonna change. I’m going to be shuffling things around in these parts. You’ll see more of what I actually do that is in line with my career and my goals and where I want to be.

I’ll still be the same sassy individual, and you’ll still get your dose of fitness and health among all the other stuff. But I LOVE the other stuff, so ignoring it and not blogging about it definitely doesn’t align with being my authentic self.

I hope you’ll stay for the ride – and consider your authentic self in everything you do too.



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Take Fifteen Seconds

Oh hey there. It’s been a while. I kind of disappeared this summer. I was travelling, doing wedding planning, playing ultimate, going to concerts, working full time, consulting full time, Read More