Early Morning Confessions…

I thought it was about time for another early morning confessions. It’s been a while since I’ve popped in and just told you what I’ve been up to/confessed to secret parts of my life we don’t often cover around here.

I confess to… loving avocados.

I’m eating everything and anything avocado. From avocado on rice cakes, to avocado in a stir fry bowl, to avocado and honey with sunflower seeds, to just avocado. I am avocado everything. One day soon I may just become an avocado.

I confess to… having a Pinterest problem 

I had a Pinterest problem before I was a bride-to-be, but now its gotten ten times worse. This is especially true now that I’ve pretty much decided that a fall wedding is something I want. How can you NOT want these colours!?


I confess to… already buying Halloween candy

My fiance and I have been buying the big boxes of mini candy, so that we can have pre-existing mini pieces when the chocolate or sweet craving hits.  It’s working well so far. Instead of grabbing an aero bar and eating it all in one day, it takes me 6 days to get through what would be an aero bar. Delish!

I confess to… watching way too much House, M.D.

I’ve been watching Netflix since there was not a ton of work at my job this summer, and I’m on season seven of House. Don’t tell me what happens in season 8, but I’ve really been enjoying it. I’ve learned a lot about the show, and as long as you don’t take the medical advice seriously, its really entertaining.

I confess to… buying Starbucks again.

Oops :)
At least its within my budget, so its not too bad! I am going to be buying an espresso machine soon I hope! I want to work out four times a week for four weeks — and then I will buy myself an espresso machine.

I confess to… hating the day after legs day more than I hate Monday

Went hiking today, and did squats yesterday. My legs are going to be so sore tomorrow. I think the day after legs day is the worst workout day! Maybe I will get some arms done tomorrow.

I confess to… loving every second with my fiance in this beautiful province.

My fiance and I took an amazing trip up to Squamish for the day today to hike the Chief. It was an incredibly hard climb that didn’t necessarily go THAT well for me (more on that later this week), but only served to remind me both how good we are together, and how absolutely breathtaking this province is.

Tell me all about your confessions recently! I want to hear what you’ve been up to.


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Shape Up Sunday: Goal Setting

Happy Sunday! Sundays are great, but I also harbour a secret resentment towards them, because its the last day before school/work starts again.

The last two weeks of Shape-up Sundays have seen very little in the way of working out. There has been no week with nothing, but feeling ill was getting in the way! This week I started the Frisky Fall Tone It Up challenge with my accountability sisters over at Tone it Up.

Sund: nothing
Mon: stair running (600+ stairs), with burpees, push ups, planks, between each set of stairs.
Tues: weightlifting at the gym with a colleague! Deadlifts, hammer curls, bicep curls, and lat pull downs.
Wed-Friday: nothing
Sat: 2mi walk/run, leg workout – 3 rounds each of squats, lunges, and plie squats plus inner and outer thigh toning with this video.


I made it to three workouts this week! Now, how about some goals for the future.

Goal One: Work out 4x a week
Goal Two: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
Goal Three: Watch the refined sugars. 

I am hoping that if I can make these goals work for 4 weeks straight that I will be able to see some real results! It takes 21 days to make a habit, so I’m aiming for 28. And if I make it, I’m buying myself a beautiful espresso machine!

How were your workouts last week? Tell me all about them!


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Summer To-Do Recap

Fall in Nelson, BC

Earlier this year I posted my Summer To-Do List, an annual tradition where I post a list of things that I want to do. Today, I’m going to recap this list, Read More

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